Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a night walk in cauayan

I really don’t know what to say or where to start but my thoughts are crying and telling me I should vent this out. Last night I ran to my friend’s house to have some breath of fresh air.. It wasn’t really bad, I’m good!, the usual we had few beers and a lot talking. It was 2am when I decided to go home. Its still early, Barely pass midnight. 900secs past and I noticed I still can’t get a ride. As in no means of transportation! cauayan is a city okay?! but not as… uhm??? (Basta my jollibe d2!) Still a typical province like. So I decided to walk my way home (like espanya to sm san lazaro, sort of). The streets are dim, no signs of movement except for the pooches barking when I walk right pass thru some residences. Burr its cold! Phasing thru all the familiar places around reminds me of someone I get really close with 8months ago and now Im walking alone on the same course we took together back then. I realized how fast time flies from that instant click  to now that is over. I really have a horrid behavior that I easily get upset and throw words I don’t truly mean. I let my emotions took over and my mouth do the blah. I doubted on it and refused to believe what it really is. I don’t know what have gotten in me that I got badly carried away. It is supposed to be our 6th month ( now its 6 months and period) on that same day but my temper killed it. My fault. Half way thru and I don’t want to be overly sentimental so I hurried back home. Trying to get rid of what is running in my mind I started saying BALooooOT!!!! (Aloud) hahah im drunk what the heck! silly. Before I totally get mushy i saw a familiar face from our kanto. Its my sister waiting for me outside the house. “ang tagal mo kuya sa totoo lng!” I finally felt a lift in the chest and said “eto n nsa bahay nko sa wakas” I am relieved and felt really home.

I know I can’t take it back but I just want you to know that  IM SORRY..